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What Are Magic Mushroom Edibles And Why Shroom Edibles Are The Next Big Thing In Canada?

Magic mushroom edibles or shroom edibles are one of the fastest-growing trends in Canada.

People have begun consuming shrooms as magic mushroom edibles not so long ago, but it’s already a fast-growing trend.

You can buy magic mushroom edibles online in Canada as various food products that stand so far from shrooms in their original form. These mushroom edibles available for sale in our shop have numerous advantages compared to the good old-fashioned dry legs and caps.

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The benefits of mushroom edibles

It seems that humans knew the healing properties of magic mushrooms from the beginning of time, with some scientists arguing that shrooms might have been the cause of the evolution of self-conscience in apes, thus having created the whole human race.

Some people still prefer to eat shrooms in the same way shamans did just that thousands of years ago. Actually, this way of consuming magic mushrooms contains some risks.

First of all, it’s quite difficult to determine the right dosage of shrooms. This, in turn, might result in an overwhelming experience known as a bad trip.  .  .  .  .   .  .  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  . . . . . . . .

For example, Amazonian or Ecuadorian shrooms might bring an amazing and powerful experience, but this can be no fun for a beginner seeking some recreation rather than a mind-changing trip.

  • Mushroom edibles are easy to dose

Shroom edibles contain the exact amount of psychedelic compound from magic mushrooms clearly marked on their package. So dosing mushroom edibles is much easier than shrooms themselves.

Besides that, magic mushrooms in their primary habitual dried form contain a considerable amount of chitin, which is also found in insect elytra.

So chewing a handful of dried shrooms is the same as having some beetle snacks. Eww. No wonder that shrooms often cause nausea upon ingestion.

  • Shroom edibles don’t cause nausea

When you ingest mushroom edibles you bought from our online store, you can be sure that you consume the food product infused only with the first-class psilocybin derived from shrooms while chitin stays away from your stomach. So the healing properties of shrooms manifest themselves fully without nausea.

It might seem not a big deal for a healthy person but if you have some issues with your digestion, for example, problems with your liver, the absence of chitin in the product you consume turns out to be quite vital.

  • Shroom edibles are not shrooms

You might just not like the taste of mushrooms, whenever they’re magic ones or not. In this case, our online store can offer you a variety of magic mushroom edibles for sale that can give you the healing and recreational properties of shrooms without the need to chew legs and caps.

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What Mushroom Edibles To Buy Online?

Buying shroom edibles has never been easier than from our online store. The only problem is to choose the kind of psilocybin-infused product.

Magic Mushroom Edibles For Sale: Jellies

If you’re into jellies, you will definitely like Room 920 Watermelon Jelly 1g Golden Teacher Mushroom for as low as $ 16.

These delicious candies are a perfect choice for beginners and are easily segmented into 8 doses, which in turn can be split further into halves because half a dose is more than enough for a newbie.

As you can understand from the product’s name, the jelly is infused with the active component of the Golden Teacher mushrooms, well-known for their healing euphoric properties and pleasant high. But unlike shrooms, these jellies don’t have an unpleasant mushroomy aftertaste.

You can also experiment with some different tastes and buy from our online store at the same price of $ 16 some Room 920 Grape Jelly 1g Golden Teacher Mushroom or Room 920 Cherry Jelly 1g Golden Teacher Mushroom. These phenomenal tasting jellies are all capable of delivering a smooth lasting effect. These fine-tasting jellies have a smooth and lasting effect. Theyre literally perfect.

Sweet Magic Mushroom Edibles Online: Chocolates

If you want some sweet psychedelic experience, then Wonderland Milk Chocolate 4g Psilocybin for as low as $ 49 is your bar of choice.

This tasty Belgian milk chocolate doesn’t smell mushrooms but delivers the best shroom trip possible. The only disadvantage of that sweet chocolate is that it’s so tasty that you might want to take a 4-gram bar all at once. And this is more than enough for four experienced consumers.

If you can’t resist chocolate temptation, it’s better to start with AFTERLIFE Psilocybin Chocolate Bar 1g. This is literally one of the shroom edibles for sale in Canada. For as low as $ 20, it contains a solid 1 gram of Golden Teacher-derived psilocybin.

Drinkable Shroom Edibles? Why Not!

And one of the most unusual magic mushroom edibles for sale is actually drinkable.

AFTERLIFE Psilocybin Magic Mushroom Tea 500mg gives an amazingly refreshing feeling in all senses. This beverage has a perfectly balanced taste, containing 500 mg of psilocybin, which is quickly absorbed thanks to its liquid form.

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